Phone :
+66 93-2139998 (Sales)
Bangkok Metropolitan Area Office :
51/19 M.5 Rattanathibet Road, Bangkrasor,
Muang, Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand

The strategic location of TANASAN Rice Group ensures effective transportation of harvested paddy from specially identified collection centers across many important paddy growing areas, thus reducing transit damage to the delicate grain of rice.

State-of-art processing plants for our rice production have effectively mechanized sophisticated processing procedures for different stages like temperature controlled drying, cleaning, polishing, parboiling, sorting and grading. Thanks to this the advance technology and machinery used, every stage that conforms to international standards and applicable guidelines of process control has been strictly followed to ensure uniformity of grains without destroying fragrance, aroma and basic quality of the grains. This quality standard can be supported by our certificate for GMP&HACCP (Good Manufacturing Practices and HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS). Moreover, impurities, irrespective sizes and low quality grains are mostly removed in different stages. The system is highly automated to avoid as much as possible human interaction throughout of process.

Progressively, our total production capacity of 7,700 MT per day gives us the competitive edge of uninterrupted production throughout the year, which enables us to receive the trust and long relationship from our loyal clients both domestically andinternationally. Thus, the TANASAN RICE GROUP can be considered as one of the most strongest rice manufacturer in the Thailand as well as the most competitive supplier for various kinds of premium quality of rice.